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Q-Equips is the used equipment division for one of the largest municipal and contractor equipment dealers in North America, that being Joe Johnson Equipment. We currently have fourteen (14) full service locations throughout North America to suit your needs, and some of the best sales and service representatives in the business to support our products and customers well after the sale.

Some of our many product offerings come from the industry’s leading equipment manufacturers such as:

-         Vactor (Combination Sewer Cleaners & Hydro Excavators)
-         Elgin (Mechanical and Vacuum Street Sweepers)
-         Guzzler (Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuum Trucks)
-         Presvac, Imperial, Global, Curry (Street Flushers, LVT D.O.T Trucks / Trailers)
-         Trackless (Municipal Tractors)
-         Labrie, New Way, Galbreath (Refuse Trucks, Roll-offs)

The industries we serve…

-         Sewer Maintenance and Inspection
-         Hydro Excavation
-         Industrial Vacuum Trucks / Trailers
-         Street Sweepers
-         Refuse Truck / Trailers
-         Winter Maintenance Vehicles  
-         Concrete Trucks

We acquire our equipment through four main channels of acquisition.

-         Municipal trades with the typical age range of 8-12 years
-         Municipal equipment lease programs with a typical age range of 1- 4 years
-         Rental fleet units identified for sale with a typical age range of 1-4 years
-         Our right purchasing of units direct from customers, banks, dealers, and insurance claims.

What we do with our inventory.

Unlike many equipment brokers you will find on the internet, we own and fix what we sell. Q-Equips puts each piece of equipment through a full diagnostic check and report process. We then invest thousands of dollars to enhance the used piece of equipment using OEM parts and factory trained technicians to ensure the unit is in work ready condition and can be purchased and operated with confidence.

If you’re looking for a quality used piece of equipment call the used equipment superstore. Contact Q-Equips at 866.737.8470 or visit our website and see what “Q” can do for you.


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